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Mountain Flight
Mountain Flight

Time : 5
Grade :
Altitude :
Group Size :

Helambu Circuit Trek
  • Time: 08 Days
  • Grade:
  • Altitude: 3640 Meters
  • Group Size: Min. 1 to Max. 12+++
Sikles Trek
  • Time: 09 days
  • Grade:
  • Altitude: 1980 Meters
  • Group Size: Min. 1 to Max. 12+++
Royal Trek
  • Time: 06
  • Grade:
  • Altitude: 1800 Meters
  • Group Size:
Gosainkunda-Helambu-Sundarijal Trek
  • Time: 15
  • Grade:
  • Altitude:
  • Group Size:
Details :
The most enchanting flight to Mt.Everest along with many other magnificent mountains has given many mountain lovers of the world to touch their wildest dreams from the most untouched Himalayan heights of Nepal . The flights last for about an hours early in the morning and you will witness beauti
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1. Langtang (7234m):
The first mountain, which can be seen, is Langtang. The valley of Langtang , which is not visible from the mountain flight, is considered to be the most beautiful in the whole Himalayan region.

2. Gosainthan (8013m):
The mountain lies on the Nepal – Tibetan border. Tibetan name for this mountain is Shisapangma. She is related with many Hindu Mythologies especially of Shiva.

3. Dorje Lakpa (6975m):
This mountain has a Tibetan name, which means “the mountains of many sacred Thunderbolts”. This mountain is considered to be holy mountain for Buddhists and climbing permission was given only in 1964, and it was not climbed until 1981.

4. Gauri–Shanker (7134m):
This single mountain has two peaks and also has two names together because the Hindus believe that the mountain looks like the pair of Gods Shiva and Gouri. This holy mountain was restricted till 1977 for the climbers. It was only in 1979 that an American – Nepal group reached the summit.

5. Lhotse (8516m):
As this mountain lies to the south of Everest, name given by the Sherpas is Lhotse, which means” South Peak ”. The first ascent of this mountain took place in 1956 by the Swiss.

6. Mount Everest (8848m):
This Mountain was discovered in 1852 and is the highest mountain of the world, is named after Sir George Everest, and English surveyor. Sagarmatha, top of the universe, is the name giver by Nepal which means, “mother of the world” and Qomolongma in Tibetan. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgey Sherpa were first to climb Everest on May 25, 1953. As a coronation gift to Queen Elizabeth.
Many helicopter companies can provide evacuation by Helicopter for severely injured or ill people. However, someone in Kathmandu must guarantee the payment of the flight before the rescue. Average rescue flight costs about $ 3000.00. If you are trekking with a Kathmandu based trekking agency, send rescue request to your concern agency High Spirit treks & Expedition will arrange the flight. If you are trekking on you own, send the message to your embassy or consulates. Send your Name, Nationality Passport detail, location and details of the injury of sickness (that is altitude illness, frostbite, heart problem, fracture, dysentery etc.). Message can be passed through the HRA radio system, police radio system, and the National Park radio system or at local airports or army camps. It almost always takes at least twenty-four hours to arrange a rescue, including passing the message.

Now a day, there are many private airlines, which provide helicopter services to evacuate trekkers in an emergency.
If your country has an embassy/consulate in Kathmandu , Register with them before you trek and record the details of rescue process. If your country does not have an embassy or consulate in Kathmandu and you are trekking on your own, you will have trouble getting rescued unless you arrange something in advance. Make sure to check this with your travel insurance scheme; you can now by helicopter rescue insurance in Kathmandu .