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About Us

Nepal Beyond Dreams is one of the best tourism agency recognized and approved by Department of Tourism as well as authorized by the Nepal government. A group of dynamic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who have been working in this field for past many years, has run company smoothly. Within a very short period, this energetic team has transformed the agency into one of


Special Nepal Tour (KTM-Chitwan-POK)
        Situated at 1350m elevation, the Kathmandu Basin which looks out on the sparkling Himalayas as enjoys a warm climate year -round that makes living here plesent. The city of Kathmandu sits almost in the middle of the basin , forming a square about 5km north-south and 5km east-west. It is
Nature and Culture Tour (KTM-BKT-PTN)
  Kathmandu is the capital of  Nepal, which is situated at 1350m elevation. It was the site of the ancient Kingdom of Nepal and is now its capital, being the center of government, economy, abd culture.Nepal includes many diverse tribal groups -thus one is as likely to see an Indo-Aryan face as a Mongol f
Mountain Flight
The most enchanting flight to Mt.Everest along with many other magnificent mountains has given many mountain lovers of the world to touch their wildest dreams from the most untouched Himalayan heights of Nepal . The flights last for about an hours early in the morning and you will witness beauties of Himalayas
Paragliding in Nepal can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the adventure seeker. A trip will take you over some of the best scenery on earth, as you share airspace with Himalayan griffin vultures, eagles, kites and float over villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungle, with a fantastic view
  1. Nepal

    Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek

    Dhaulagiri Trek starts from the foothills of the Dhaulagiri region that are marked with spectacular views of both majestic Himalayan peaks and white-water rivers. These areas are inhabited by several ethnic minorities such as Magars, Thakalis

    Everest Panorama Trek

            Everest panorama Trek, although relatively easy compared to some of other treks, takes you up high along trails to Tengboche Monastery (3850m). This is a short trek but very scenic trek offers really superb view

  2. India

  3. Bhutan

    Tours & Treks Outside Bhutan

    We also extend our tours to Nepal, Indian state of Sikkim, Hill Station of Darjeeling (see destinations page for details)

    People and Culture

    People The population of Bhutan is approximately 0.7 million. The people of Bhutan are called ‘Drukpas’ comprising approximately 65% mongoloid origin while 25% are ethnic Nepalese and 10% are other migrant tribes.   Cultur

    Cultural Tours

    Bhutan opened its door to tourism in 1974 coinciding with the coronation of our present king Jigme Singye Wangchuk. It is one of the world’s most exclusive tourist’s destinations. The travelers who visit this enchanted realm wi

    Travel Guide

    The Kingdom of Bhutan requires that all travelers entering on a Tourist Visa be accompanied by English speaking guide or escort certified by Department Of Tourism, Bhutan. This assures that all travelers are safe and well cared for during the

  4. Tibet

    Lhasa - The Forbidden City

    Lhasa, the very name brings histories of hardship this city suffered. Yet this Forbidden City has a glorious history, second to none of being the center stage of Buddhism and its development for more than a millennium.

    Mount Everest North Col

    Everest North col is one of the challenging trips in Himalaya. It is not for technical, but this is high altitude. Trip start from Himalaya kingdom of Nepal Rich about Buddhist and Hinduism history and culture. Flights to Lhasa over Himalayan

    Tibet Ancient Heritage

    The Tibetan history is an old as human civilization. This tour follows the route of the ancient Tibetan Kingdom and continues the journey through time lane to come to the present day wonder of the forbidden City of Lhasa, the principle seat